Green Meadow Farm Horse Sponsorship

Our horses at Green Meadow Farm are at the very core of how we choose to connect with the children and families who visit.  These horses have been carefully selected for their role here because we believe they have the temperament to foster personal growth and to nurture the children and families with whom they interact.  We want to take good care of them and provide for their needs so that they in turn are able to give back to our students.

By choosing to sponsor one of our horses you become an integral part of ensuring quality care for our “equine counselors” and a cost-free opportunity for children and their families to benefit from the horses and our farm.

Sponsorship Programs

Your sponsorship will provide aid for the following:

  • Countless hours one-on-one with a child and leader
  • Lots of grooming, baths, apples and carrots
  • Daily hay and feed as needed
  • Vitamins and supplements as needed
  • Regular preventative vaccinations and veterinary care
  • Professional farrier trimming and shoeing as needed
  • Tack and equipment replacement and repair

Donation Payment Options:

  • The BIT -  $10.00/month for 12 months because every little bit helps.
  • The REINS - $25.00/month for 12 months helps us guide and direct our mission
  • The STIRRUPS  -  $50.00/month for 12 months gives us the leg up to continue to care for people and horses
  • The SADDLE  -  $100.00/month for 12 months keeps our finances well balanced 
  • The BLANKET - $200.00/month for 12 months covers our horses and ministry in weathering the storms
  • The LEAD ROPE - $________ /month for 12 months (for this option, please call 717-271-1044 or contact us directly here)
    or a __________one-time gift gives you the lead to choose how much you would like to give.

To give, check out the Donate Here section on the right of this page ---- >

This agreement in no way entitles sponsor to ownership and/or exclusive privileges in any way to sponsored animal or property. Green Meadow Farm accepts all liability, expressed and/or implied, for sponsored equine. Please note that there may be more than one sponsor per equine. This is to ensure that all of our horses are cared for equally, as the funds go into an account to support our mission. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations are tax-deductible.


Other Payment Options

If you'd rather not pay via paypal, you can also print and return the Horse Sponsorship Form below with your monthly check.

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Payment Options


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