Meet the Horses

Here at Green Meadow Farm we could never do what we do without our wonderful equine friends!


Breed: Arabian
Height: 15hh
Color: Flea-bitten grey
Birthdate: May 8th, 1993
He came to us from a closed down riding stable with excellent knowledge of being ridden both English and Western.
Aspen is extremely friendly and loves apples and his forehead being scratched!
As our oldest horse, we think Aspen is one of our best senior residents!




Breed: American Quarter Horse
Height: 15hh
Color: Bay
Birthdate: August 30th, 1994
When he was much younger he was a marvelous reining horse and looks especially dapper in Western riding gear.
Another one of our senior staff members, Banjo is wonderfully calm and steady and a huge favorite of more timid riders.
His favorite treat is a carrot, and he loves being buddies with everyone.




Breed: Arabian
Height: 13.3hh
Color: Chestnut
Birthdate: July 21st, 2005
Belle and Domino were donated to us as herd-mates from the same place.
Belle is a sweetheart that absolutely loves attention. She is the lead mare of her herd.
Her favorite treat is a carrot and she seems to like being pampered by having her mane and tail braided.





Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Height: 14.1hh
Color: Black Paint
Birthdate: March 24th, 1997
Belle and Domino were donated to us as herd-mates from the same place.
Domino is a very sensitive horse who loves being loved on! He has a special gait called a saddle rack.
His favorite treat is a peppermint, but be careful, he just might try to eat anything he sticks in his mouth!




Wynder (pronounced: wind-er)

Breed: Morgan/Friesian mix
Height: 15.1hh
Color: Black
Birthdate: April 30th, 1999
Wynder was the very first horse to come to the farm.
Even though he has a bouncy trot and sometimes has a cough, he is a gentlemen beloved by many!
His favorite treat is an apple, and he likes to follow people around in the round pen.