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How and when do I schedule my children for a GMF Lesson?

Our season opens in March and runs through November. There are three sessions each season: March to May,  June to August, and September to November.

If you are potentially interested in signing your child up for lessons, please fill out our Lesson Inquiry Form and e-mail it to us at (You can download the file to your computer by right clicking on the link and choosing Download Linked File As.)
Sometimes, but certainly not always, it is helpful to come for a tour before making a decision that Green Meadow Farm is a good fit for your child/family. This would need to be a scheduled visit.
After determining if you qualify for our program we will put you on our wait list for the next session. There are no guarantees as to which session you will be scheduled for due to the large number of families who are interested. We prayerfully and carefully place each child with an instructor and fill our slots one month before each session begins. This means that mid Feb, mid May, and early August, we will be calling those on our wait list. We love talking with you and being able to have so many of you come to Green Meadow Farm to experience horses and farm life and find some refreshment, renewal and rest.



Do I need to accompany my child to the farm?

Yes, we ask that you the parent(s) or guardian, accompany your child to the farm and stay for the duration of the lesson. When a significant accomplishment is made during a lesson, we would love to have you share these steps of healing and joy with your child.  In addition, we have created a lovely spot to rest and while you are visiting the farm.  It is called “Pasture Peace” and overlooks the creek and rolling meadow.  It is our hope that your time here with your child brings you both refreshment, renewal and rest.


Who needs a completed release form to be on the farm property?

Everyone needs a completed a release form. Our farm insurance requires that each person who steps onto the farm to participate in the program has completed a release form. When you sign up for lessons this form will be sent to you so that you can complete it prior to your arrival. The release form must be renewed at the start of every year.


Will my child always ride during their lesson?

It is possible that at times your child will not ride during their lesson time. A staff member may discern if the child is ready to ride or not, or perhaps the child wishes to pursue other activities on the farm instead. There are many other alternate activities on the farm which they may wish to participate in, such as farm chores, crafts, games, etc. Although we truly desire for your child to become a safe rider who understands and cares for the horse, we are not striving for accomplished riders. If that is your desire for your child, we can gladly help you find traditional riding lessons at a riding stable.


How often should I expect my child to be scheduled?

Lessons run from March to November broken into 3 session blocks. See How and when do I schedule my children for a GMF Lesson.  Your child will be scheduled for one session block at a time, and can expect to have one lesson a week on their scheduled time. If this scheduling does not suit your needs, please feel free to give us a call and we can talk about it.


What happens if my child cannot make a lesson?

If something comes up and you are unable to make it to your scheduled lesson, please call ahead as soon as you can and let us know. We will look forward to seeing you and your child back the following week for their scheduled lesson! If you are unable to make it several lessons in a row, we will not remove your child from the schedule, don’t worry.


What should my child wear?

While safety is our uttermost priority, we also understand the weather varies in each season. Please be aware of the weather prior to bringing your child for his or her lesson. Layers are always a good idea for unpredictable weather changes!

  • Required Attire:

    • Long pants that cover the ankles
    • Close-toed shoes with a back - Sneakers and boots are recommended
  • Please also bring:

    • Water for your child
    • Sunscreen
  • Additional Suggestions:

    • Hat for sun protection (we do provide helmets when riding)
    • Chapstick
    • A snack for your child
    • Sunglasses (may be worn while riding)
  • Things NOT to wear/bring:

    • Loose/dangling articles that could get caught (such as necklace, scarf, etc.)
    • Sandals, high heels or flip-flops
    • Spaghetti Strap sleeves or revealing shirts