Special Thanks

John & Beckie ThompsonWe could never make this dream a reality without the talented people who have donated their time and services. There are no words to describe the joy of partnering together with these folks. Building the foundation of this program has been a labor of love. In addition, our Volunteer Staff has put in many hours and will continue to do so.

Thank you so very much!
May much joy be restored to the journey of many lives.

John and Beckie Thompson


Schweb Design LLC- Thank you Cameron Hess for your great work on this website!

Megan Wark - Blackstone Photography and Design

Contributed photos of Grace Acebo with Wynder & more
Thank you Grace as well, you were a great little model on Wynder Horse.

Jess Hess - Beckie's niece and amateur photographer, contributed many of the lovely staff photos.

Embroidery by Artwear, LLC - Thank you to Austin for the wonderful t-shirt and jacket designs!


Green Meadow Farm Team