Volunteers are the hands and feet of our program – they are the ones who make it happen! In order for Green Meadow Farm to run smoothly, we rely on our volunteers nearly every day of every week. Our volunteers complete morning (~9-10:30 am) and evening (~4-5:30 pm) horse care tasks and barn chores. These tasks include feeding and watering all the farm animals, grooming horses, mucking out stalls and pastures, and other general barn upkeep tasks. In order to be a volunteer, you do not need to have extensive horse knowledge and background. The requirements to be a volunteer are as follows:

- You must be at least 14 years old

- Be reliable and committed to coming to the farm on your scheduled days

- Be willing to learn and not afraid of hard work 

- Fill out a Volunteer Availability Form (found below) and attend at least one Volunteer Orientation 


If you are interested in volunteering, fill out our Volunteer Availability Form Here or please get in contact with our Volunteer Coordinator for more information by emailing Keri Altland at: keria@greenmeadowfarm.org


Volunteer Availability FormVolunteer Availability Form