What We Do

Our Program:

Green Meadow Farm was founded with the heart to specifically help emotionally hurting children and young adults through the use of horses and farm life. Providing uniquely tailored horse lessons free of charge, we focus on helping the youth by pairing them with one horse and a leader. By working together with the horses and around the farm, we strive to bring healing strength, and restored joy in their journey.

“There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”
– Ronald Reagan

Children We Serve:

Children We Serve

Green Meadow Farm is specifically a mentorship program designed to assist children and families along in their journey to find greater emotional health and understanding of God's love for them. We work with children ages 6-18, who have suffered some type of trauma or hardship. Growing up in today’s world can present many challenges that can affect a child’s sense of identity and well-being. We have felt a specific leading towards helping those children who have been adopted or are in foster care, but we also work with children who have been bullied, been diagnosed with chronic medical conditions (diabetes, some genetic disorders, etc), are dealing with difficult family situations, struggling in school, experiencing a difficult loss of a loved one, or other hard life experiences that have affected the child’s outlook on life. 

We are not equipped to handle moderate to severe physical disabilities. On occasion, emotional trauma may be a by-product of a physical injury or disability. If this is the case, we will do our best to determine whether our instructors and horses are equipped to safely conduct lessons with your child’s needs in mind. If we believe your child’s physical needs are more than we are able to safely manage, we will be happy to refer you to a network of equine therapy programs that are specially created to meet these special needs. 

Please contact Green Meadow Farm in order to discuss the possibility of having your child placed on our Lesson Wait List.

Discrimination Policy:

We are committed to providing a program that is free from discrimination because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, or sexual orientation.

Is there a Charge for Lessons?

Green Meadow Farm

Our program is free of charge!  The main thing we require is that each child comes with a “want to” and open heart!  Sign up for lessons here.

What a Lesson Looks Like:

Our unique and wonderful horses will be paired with one leader and one child for a 90-minute lesson. The lessons are flexible, allowing that time to best serve the unique needs of the children. There will be occasions where a parent will be asked to be part of the lesson if the family challenges would best be met in this way.  In all cases the first part of the lesson will be a 10-15 minute time in which the child will help their leader with a chore around the farm.  This is an important time of interaction between the two, while building character as the child can give back to the farm in a small way.

During the remainder of the lesson, a variety of activities can take place.  The following could be part of that list: grooming, bathing, riding lesson, horsemanship, painting a horse and other creative safe activities that our leaders and children might come up with together!

Our Horses:

Each of our horses come from different backgrounds, and are varied in breed and temperament.  In the horse world, he or she each has a role in the herd.  Understanding these details about the horses, children will learn many lessons that translate into their everyday lives. And as they interact with the horses they will have the opportunity to build trust and respect with their equine partner and receive trust and respect in return.

How it All Began:

How it all Began

John and Beckie have had a heart for horses and hurting kids for many years, although they never owned horses of their own. While leading a sponsorship based fund-raiser to assist couples with the enormous costs of adoption, their eyes opened simultaneously to both the joys and the struggles that families face once they have adopted their precious children. They felt strongly that this would be a way for their farm and horses to be a bridge of hope.  In addition, they felt that the bridge should extend to other emotionally hurting children. Very soon some amazing people came into their lives who had similar passions and necessary horse skills. It seemed abundantly clear that this was indeed the direction in which they were to walk. As they shared the vision, support began to come in the form of encouraging words and funds.  Two horses were thoughtfully purchased in the spring and summer of 2012.  Then an amazing process led to the last two horses being generously donated. 

Seeing God’s provision of both staff and horses is “restoring joy in the journey” to all who are involved. It has become the tag line for Green Meadow Farm. The mission statement for the farm is: Connecting children and families, with horses and farm life, to bring refreshment, renewal and rest. They believe that God’s unconditional love, the horses, sheep and other animals that live here, together with the beauty found on the farm will make this vision a reality in many lives.


Can we Visit the Farm?

We love visitors!  Please call and set up an appointment and we will arrange a time for your visit and tour of the Farm.  Our phone number is:  717-271-1044

Life on the Farm

Click here to see pictures of life on the farm.

Life on the Farm

Is the Farm a Residential (Overnight) Facility?

No.  Green Meadow Farm is only a day time facility at this time.


Is Green Meadow Farm a Religious Organization?

No.  The farm is not associated with any particular religious organization. The farm is built upon the same values that our nation was built upon. It is our faith that motivates us as Founders, Staff, and the Board of Directors. Our deepest desire is to demonstrate God's love and care for the children and families we serve.